Business Solutions – Managed Backup

On-site/Off-site Backup Management

Who responsible for your company's most critical data? Is your data even being backed up? Most small businesses don't adequately backup their data. Industry experts all agree, you need at-least 3 copies of your business data. Your working copy is generally stored locally, or ideally on the company file server. The second copy is a local backup, so it's quickly accessible without having to worry about internet data transfer speeds. Your third copy needs to be at a remote location. That was if the building floods or burns, your business data is safe.

So you've got your basis covered? You say you are backing up to a thumb drive and taking it home with you at night? Ok. Now what happens when you accidentally delete a line of that spreadsheet, or a page of that document, and you don't realize it for 3 days? Now you've got what we'd consider "corrupted" data. Now what?

Simple, you call us up and say: "Hey John, I'm missing a page from one of my documents that was there 3 days ago. Can you get me a copy of that document from back then?" If you are using our managed backup service, then that answer is: "Absolutely! Our system has a feature called 'Versioning', that is meant for situations just like this! I'll get that file for you now!"