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AVAST Business Cloudcare

Our relationship with Avast Technologies goes back well over a decade now. Throughout that time period they have grown, and we have grown in our respective industries. Their latest merger with AVAST Software is another in a long line of great moves. We have been selling and using their Cloudcare product for over 2 years now and it's proven to be an integral part of our security strategy for our SLA and non-SLA clients. The AVAST Business Cloudcare system is second to none in balance. Sure there are other companies who have more elaborate security solutions, but we commonly find those solutions try to do to much. Keep it simple. That's the best solution. AVAST Business Cloudcare does a few things, and it does it them well.

AVAST Business Cloudcare Features:

  • AVAST Business AntiVirus
    Direct integration with our flagship product AVAST Business AntiVirus – the internet security solution trusted by millions of users worldwide. A central management platform alerts you to issues and enables you to push policies and updates across accounts easily and efficiently.
  • AVAST Business Content Filtering
    Protect users from malicious online content and block access to inappropriate websites. Boost clients’ productivity and your team by centrally managing web access based on client defined usage policies.
  • AVAST Business Cloud Backup
    Protect client data from loss with regularly scheduled automatic backups to the Cloud. Easily and quickly restore a single file or an entire directory if customer data becomes lost or corrupt.
  • AVAST Business Email Security Services
    Offer your clients the essential email services they need – from blocking viruses and spam to complying with industry regulations and privacy requirements. Deploy, manage and update these services remotely using AVAST Business CloudCare without additional hardware or third-party software. Services include AVAST Business® AntiSpam, AVAST Business® Email Archive, AVAST Business® Email Archive Lite and AVAST Business® Encrypted Email.